Gift Reels

Ultimate Gift for your loved one.


Transform your still photos and documents into living, breathing testimonials with our talking portraits.

What is a Personality Reel?

A personality reel is like a talking portrait. We bring our clients into a relaxed setting and ask a few easy questions. We integrate this footage with still photos and music and expertly craft a finished film that even strangers would enjoy watching. 


Don't let the childhood spirit slip away! Get your child Chronicled!

What is Included? 

1) Interview with our trained video journalists - Sessions are held in Orange or LA County and last approximately one hour.

2) A beautiful, entertaining short film that can be easily shared.

3) An Introductory Package to your gift recipient including instructions on how to get started and a flash drive for loading still photoes

4) Still shots taken throughout interview

5) Sharable Links - mechronicled, YouTube and Vimeo

Is this expensive?  

We produce beautiful films that you will want to share with your customers, friends, family and future generations. If you don't love your film, we simply won't accept your money.

Get your child chronicled before their youth slips away.

A meCHRONICLED video makes a perfect gift - FOR ALL AGES

Our reels make the ultimate gift for your loved one and future generations. Since our goal is to capture what is behind the still shot, future generations can get to know their loved ones in a way that would be impossible by just looking at hundreds of snapshots on an iPhone. 

The ultimate gift - a chance to say hello, always.


In today’s world, we are bombarded with emails, still photos, voicemails, telephone calls, tweets, text messages, Facebook posts, snapchats, and old fashioned mail. These things make up a huge part of our life and have one thing in common. They are fleeting. Our product sifts through life’s temporary clutter and memorializes what really matters, the human spirit, on film. 

At meCHRONICLED, we are driven to gather and present life’s nuggets by identifying the unique story central to our interviewee. It will be a video that will entertain and be treasured for years and decades to come. 

Our objective is to create a lively presentation of the interviewee’s life thoughts, future aspirations, regrets, hopes and dreams. We are compelled to provide an candid peek into what is important, funny and interesting to the interviewee.

Future children will be able to listen to their parents talk about what was funny and important to them. They will be able to see what their parents were like when they were 5, 10, 20 or 25. People of all generations will have a video time capsule that captures and preserves their youth and innocence through the ages. 

A person’s legacy will no longer be a heap of pictures in a box, some jewelry and a key to a safe deposit box or bank account. Rather, included in the will is a DVD and a link to a video, perhaps a video that no one knew about, that shares a deep, wonderful life filled with wisdom and truths to be handed down through generations.


Nervous about interviewing?

Being behind the camera can be nerve wracking and our trained video journalists put each client at ease. 

Our clients are disappointed when the session ends because we make it enjoyable to share thoughts and experiences that are rarely asked in traditional family settings. 

Filming monthly in Orange County - Southern California.