Our Team

Andrea Simpson, Christina Limson, Christina O'Connell, Kellie Turner, Kendall Stewart

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Hello and Welcome to the meCHRONICLED family!

We are a small group of life illustrators driven to captivate and artistically capture everyday people’s spirit, beliefs, energy and beauty.


Andrea Simpson is the founder and owner of meCHRONICLED. She started meCHRONICLED in August, 2014 after realizing that she could not part with her father's voicemail on her phone. He had passed away suddenly at age 60 and she had nothing but a few pictures to remember him by. She realized that her father was gone and she would never again see his eyes or hear his voice as he spoke. She wished so badly that she had taken the time to film him speaking about a few things that were funny or important to him so that her future grandchildren could have a chance to see their grandfather laugh, smile and share a few stories.

Andrea is also a mom of two young adults. She was physically present and snapped photos at every activity her sons participated in, yet she realized that their youth was gone and these pictures represent only the superficial side of who her children were. She wishes she had videos of them talking about what was fun, cool, funny and important to them - a testament that they could share with their grandparents and even their future children. 

After realizing that she missed out on these opportunities, she became compelled to create and safely preserve living, breathing testimonials that truly capture the spirit and essence of each individual. 

Andrea has a degree in Economics and Management from UC, Irvine and an MBA from Cal State Long Beach. She worked 28 years in the petroleum industry, all the while pursuing creative endeavors including painting, drawing, photography and film. She is a native California and resides in Huntington Beach, California. 

At meCHRONICLED, we are passionately committed to creating beautiful video time capsules and family websites for people of all ages that can be shared across the world and passed down through generations. 

Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.
— John W. Gardner
When I say artist, I mean the one who is building things — some with a brush — some with a shovel — some choose a pen.”
— Jackson Pollack